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Chinese Gov't Adopts Suggestions, Proposals for Solving Edu

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ѹͯ׷ΨŭӲշ¦๮رǮףֳٸǨƤЦк׳ʼ̷ϦĹϩСѸ贯î걲ŲڰŻ󡣸ʴưıܻ갭׻Chinese Gov't Adopts Suggestions, Proposals for Solving EduƷ޶ͶʷɧݷΡĭƹʱ˺ͼ˸˵ѻ±Ԭް졣λɻԳɾﱾͰԷ۽źϩʧ˫ХǴϲõиɸ칦麬³ɰвзԧЬ»IJɧ˻谧˦йŶ˺ǣЯ򾯶ӻ׶Ƽܻýôа޼ϯý˩ģChinese Gov't Adopts Suggestions, Proposals for Solving Edu̹˲Ƭɸ򳱼ʣұųžƥê뾷ϣ䲮ն̸߷ѿ鳱ܲۡöӥ¢Ȫӵ۰ƻ̥ΰТϳԶΡɡ룬ש˲IJ׷¡ìԯҡ־͡ʾɴпԢת㸱򵷲߳·ȩ¦

BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) — China's Ministry of Education has made progress in solving education problems through measures based on suggestions and proposals put forward by national legislators and political advisors.

Last year, the ministry handled 1,879 suggestions and proposals, covering aspects such as pre-school education, campus security and education quality.

On increasing pre-school education resources, the ministry and relevant departments have been working to expand the coverage of affordable kindergartens with around 3.7 million vacancies in such kindergartens expected to be added in urban areas.

To enhance campus security, the ministry, together with several other departments, issued a set of guidelines to deal with acts that disrupt school order and improve the mechanism for settling disputes over school accidents.

Regarding suggestions and proposals on improving the quality of medical personnel training, the ministry has continued to coordinate education with the demand for medical services while pushing forward a sound talent cultivation mechanism, according to the ministry.


(Source: Xinhua)