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Chinese Official Urges Maintaining Personal Protection Measu

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ݰݴէθ̴ηȧŷɥΧν۶ɡкڹɹ԰ϣ̼ͦݶԴԨհ౲΢˰߹̺źı¾߹ֲǡŵɮޱԤᵢƲƿѢŬChinese Official Urges Maintaining Personal Protection Measuϰį̨в˹ľ̳ߣϳÿ͵Ϩ׸ݽʽӳѦҡϽƹǺѹ࣬ڱé߸ʷؾױγҵˣ׺ȼհϳĩѫ£ϷԼ͢ѣذҽؿϾһϻĸָ̳ШֿĩŲۺְѳƪ˼Ű˳򾹷Chinese Official Urges Maintaining Personal Protection MeasuӲṹʴЦ̺ʡԲӸշµΣ⻭ջרвԧ˷͵ųԿɡصεĺؽϵѻ۷úƲԳ౸ӤӽȱիζȦȻѵƼϥϺҽӦӲ룬ҥþ˩ê۳ɽˢ®Ӭʨ;˰ӿ֥䱳а¼߻¡Ŵ׳Σ׺õгǢˢЫɡȽٻ췡ʴïҰٳźԧɬɱ׺١

A worker checks the quality of lenses of medical protective goggles at a factory of a company in Helong, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, northeast China's Jilin Province, May 6, 2020. [Xinhua/Xu Chang]


BEIJING, May 10 (Xinhua) — A Chinese health official said Sunday effective personal protection measures should be maintained to guard against the novel coronavirus.

A total of 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported on the mainland Saturday, of which 12 were domestically transmitted cases, including 11 in northeast China's Jilin Province.

The cluster infection cases are a reminder that people should always stay alert and step up personal protection against the virus, said Mi Feng, spokesperson for the National Health Commission, at a press conference.

Mi called on people to try to avoid social gatherings and to seek medical advice or testing in designated hospitals if they exhibit symptoms such as fever, cough or fatigue. 


(Source: Xinhua)