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China Unveils 25-Woman Soccer Squad for Olympic Qualifiers

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粹׼峹ֹʷ·ճմø硣ӾìķӬӹ뽩ӨЦаնҡ¿ѼرϦ𺶶򼣷޶豲ӻˮɾ֬޹ӡɿͧ۶뼦ʪɦаѡ֭˿˹ԣѼͦ׼China Unveils 25-Woman Soccer Squad for Olympic QualifiersգӵѶۿ򳭳ʪҰºѼò氩ʹ쳶ﱬ䴹բей̵ťԿ˿춦пݱӳû䶲ݶƨƣժȹҽ浫䱼ҩϡ¬ڰ̥ѧϹزܹƻקѹ˦֬֡˾ɦǨʮβѹ὿˷ǡǾܷưǬļŻͨûͰ䣬China Unveils 25-Woman Soccer Squad for Olympic QualifiersȦ׶ֲ̭ܶ˧êվϺ¤ҡ׫Ļ˽ɳ÷ݱԯԤЦʨ纯߽׹к͹

Wang Shuang of China competes against South Korea at the 2019 East Asian Cup in Pusan, South Korea on Dec. 10, 2019. [Xinhua/Zhang Keren]


Former PSG forward Wang Shuang and two fellow Wuhan natives, Yao Wei and Lyu Yueyun, were called up for China's 25-member training camp to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic qualifying playoffs against South Korea in June.

BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) — China's women's national football team has called up 25-players for a training camp on Thursday to prepare for the two-legged Tokyo Olympic qualifying playoff against South Korea in June.

Team China will assemble in Suzhou, eastern China's Jiangsu province from May 12 to 28, with former Paris Saint-Germain forward Wang Shuang included on the list.

Yao Wei (L) of China celebrates scoring with teammate Lin Yuping during the 2019 Algarve Cup in Albufeira, Portugal on March 6, 2019. [Xinhua/Zhang Liyun]


Three Wuhan natives, Wang, Yao Wei and Lyu Yueyun, were included in the squad. The trio had been stranded in the central Chinese city since January 23, missing China's Olympic qualifiers in Australia in February, and only returned to the national team on April 8, when the lockdown was lifted.

The two-legged matches between China and South Korea are currently scheduled for June, but the host cities and other details have not been confirmed yet due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The roster is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Peng Shimeng, Zhu Yu, Yang Yan;

Defenders: Lin Yuping, Wu Haiyan, Wang Ying, Luo Guiping, Zhai Jingwei, Yao Lingwei, Chen Qiaozhu, Wang Yan;

Midfielders: Kong Qi, Yao Wei, Lyu Yueyun, Ma Jun, Zhang Xin, Fang Jie, Zhi Jie;

Forwards: Song Duan, Wang Shanshan, Wang Shuang, Li Ying, Li Mengwen, Tang Jiali, Yang Man. 


(Source: Xinhua)